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Step One: Teach Yourself Pennywhistle, DVD Edition

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Tin Whistle

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Step One: Teach Yourself Pennywhistle, DVD Edition

42 pages, Item number 1150216DW, $14.99

This complete music instruction package includes a book, CD and DVD: Read the easy-to-understand instruction book designed to get you playing right away, play along with professional backing tracks from the CD, and see an expert teacher explain and demonstrate techniques and songs on the video. Never before has there been an easier way to master the basics of music while having a great time playing your instrument. The Step One: Teach Yourself series will get you playing right away, and learning as you play. If you are ready to teach yourself, take your first step today with Step One: Teach Yourself!
Publisher: Music Sales America
Category: Solo Instumental
Series: Music Sales America
Format: Book/CD/DVD Pack

Product Format: Instruction Book

Publisher: This piece was published by Music Sales Corporation.

   This product has a difficulty rating of 1-2 on a scale of 1 through 6, with 6 being hardest.
   Chord symbols are included in this book.
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Complete song list for "Step One: Teach Yourself Pennywhistle, DVD Edition" - Sheet Music Songbook:

First Jig - 1981
First Waltz - 1981
First March - 1981
First Reel - 1981
Dargason - 1981
Fool's Jig - 1981
Old Mother Oxford - 1981
Rondeau - Composer: Jean-Joseph Mouret - 1981
My Lodging's On The Cold Ground - 1981
Sheebeg Sheemore - 1981
Newcastle - 1981
Eighth Of January - 1981
Fasten The Leg In Her - 1981
White Cockade - 1981
Bean Setting - 1981
The Rising Of The Moon - 1981
The Nutting Girl - 1981
Stone Grinds All - 1981
Shepherds' Hey - 1981
Kevin Barry - 1981
Blarney Pilgrim - 1981
Money Mask - 1981
Another Jig Will Do - 1981
Drops Of Brandy - 1981

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